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About Planet Muzick TV


Planet Muzick TV is an independent online TV network that streams music videos and original online TV Shows that can be seen around the world. Starting in 2020, we will have over 50 + movies and shows to be seen.


Production Team


Planet Muzick is not your typical production company. We're a band of Artists coming together to create both unique

and commercial projects for Film and Television. Here are the names of our management team. Their references will

be given on demand. We would like to build four studio sound stage sites in Birmingham, Atlanta, New York, and


Executive Producers

Natasha Betts

Erin Hawkins

Ms. Johnnie Allen


Tevon Plunkett

Wendy Shear

Dean Thomas

Julio Bana Fernandez

Buddy Campbell


Brittany Edwards

Crystal Kelley

Ordette Graycon Blanch – Sonata

Alan Lowe

Aureille Bryan

Todd Turner

Eric Schwager

Landon Coats

Bob Cook

Alex Hawthorne

Bruce Del Castillo

Laurence Shanet

Mikhail Romanovsky

Naman Gupta


Andrew Johnson

Crystal Kelley

Waleed Sokkar

Angelos Rompolis

Marco Carosi

Perdell Richardson

Anup Kulkarni

Jeiron Session

Giuseppe Massi

Ernesto Herrera

Tom Trainor

James Strosahl

Jose Andres Solorzano

Sound Department Heads

Chad Conley

Lisa Bloom

Muhasani Kasomo


Adeniyi Jamiu Olabanji

Sean Ellis

Matthew Zinn

Jeffrey Winthrop

Anthony Falco

Stunts & FX Department Head

Heather Benson

Assouane Abdenasser

Production Designer

Adam Powell

Graphic Designer

Harold Bridgeforth


P.V. Thomas

Michael Blade

Christopher Brown

Matthew Winters

Demitra Papadinis

Kevin Michaels

John Dornman

Emeri Dave  

Jason Pitts

Makeup & Wardrobe Department Heads

Kay Cunningham

Nikole Woods

Kiam Barrese

Karis Battle

Tracy Sao

Sabi Nunez

Chechel Joson

Daria Kruchina

Kelli Talley

Lottie Garland

Casting Directors

Julio Bana Fernandez

Casting Assistants

Jakub Dulak

Jacob Anderson

Buddy Campbell


Sean Ellis

Matthew Zinn

Jeffrey Winthrop

Anthony Falco

Cameron Parker

Script Development Department

Bruce Novotny

Michael Lynch

Courtney Geiger

Emily Clark


Starting Next Fall! Original TV Shows

Fall 2021 

1. Yellowhammer Jamboree Variety Show- A country music comedy show with skits and interviews.t her singing career. 

2. The Devil Comes Dressed for Church Too! Comedy Sitcom - The struggles of a young preacher becoming pastor of an old, traditional, Methodist church after the old pastor dies.

3. Brass Knuckles Comedy-The life and times of a 1960’s Rock band that wants to retire but fame, recognition, women and egos won’t let them.

4. The Devil & Me-Comedy Drama is about a small town preacher that is transferred to another church when he realizes a particular gentleman has some unique ways.

5. Touched by the Verse Drama- A behind the scenes drama of a Contemporary Christian singing contest reality show. 

6. Marcia! Comedy Sitcom– A Jamaican reggae artist comes to the US to be a star. However, she falls in love with two best friends. One of the friends is a school teacher and the other is a lawyer. 

7. Henderson’s- Drama- An upscale night club that presents jazz, R&B, and spoken word. Henderson’s is where adults fall in and out of love.

Winter 2022

8. The Boom Boom Room-Drama-A New Orleans speakeasy night club featuring up and coming R&B stars back in the 60’s.

9. Williams High Situation Comedy- A blues singer who was recruited to teach music at a Memphis High School for the Performing Arts. He quickly learn that the students have a lot to teach him.

10. The Next Generation- Drama– A behind the scenes look at a weekly Hip-Hop dance contest at a local radio station.  

11. The Ireland Thunder-Drama- A group of individuals who come from Ireland trying to get their music heard in the South.

12. The Embassy-Drama-Based on the lives of foreign exchange intern students working for the United States government by day and playing in a band at night.

13. The American Generation-Comedy-Happy Day’s are here again. A gentleman and his friends tell grand kids stories about music in the 50’s. They have flash-backs of singing on the corner and the fun they had at Sam’s Creamery.

Spring 2022

14. Felipe’s Journey- Drama - The journey of a Latin heartthrob who loses his family due to his insatiable desire for women.

15. The Devil & Me

16. Sidepiece!-Reality Series–A reality series featuring men and women who have been in relationships with married men and women for many years.

17. A Diamond Life-A behind the scenes look at the lives of Baseball wives.

18. Cooking Shows-Monday-Sunday 

19. Sports Talk Shows- Monday-Sunday

20. A Second Chance-Reality Series–The lives of men and women who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol or incarcerated and are now living positive lives.

21. Groom Zilla Reality Series- Has your future husband become a male diva when it comes to you all’s wedding day!

Summer 2022

22. Planet Muzick Live!-Monday-Friday Three Panel DJ/music producers panel about music and the future of music with established guests and emerging artists.  

23. Planet Travel Monday-Sunday- Lucky hosts travel the world to discover the known and unknown of different cultures.

24. Planet Business & Finance Monday –Sunday4 Panel Hosts –Advice for business owners hoping to discover other alternatives to finances, marketing, acquisitions, and motivation.

25. THE ARBITRARY- Court Reality Series- Monday-Friday-Folks sit down face to face to talk about their cases with an attorney or retired judge presiding.

26. Fishing & Hunting Shows-Reality Series Saturdays.

27. Growing Up PK- Reality Series- Teens and young adults living the life of a preacher’s kid. Some follow in their parents footsteps and some don’t.

28. I’m A Single, Ready to Mingle! Reality Series- 50 yrs. + adults try dating again after a divorce or recently becoming a widow or widower.

Fall 2022

29. Planet Makeover-Reality Series-Homeowners win a chance to get their houses remodeled from inside and out as well as a house warming concert/party.

30. One More Try Reality Series-Couples who have been divorced for many years but find themselves back together and giving love a try AGAIN.

31. Planet Growing Up Reality Series- Weekly conversation with teens to discuss growing up and what young adults face as college students.

32. My Angel- Reality Series-Entrepreneurs pitching new and old ideas to angel investors.

33. Should We Fix it or Let It Go? Reality Series Couples who have been in a relationship for 3+ years but now feel that they are growing apart.

34. Laughing Out Loud!- Talk Show- 3 host panel discussion showcasing lives of comedians with established and emerging comedians.  

35. The Adventures of Thomas Farm- an animated feature film and ½ hour cartoon as we travel with Lillie Pearl the singing cow and her band around the world trying to find the hottest producer. But! Her #1 enemy Vladimir is trying everything he can to sabotage her efforts. 

Winter 2023

36. Veins- an animated feature film and ½ hour cartoon about the life of Dexter Craig as an Vampire trying to keep his small-town in Mississippi from being taken over by other vampires, werewolves and shifters. 

37. Detective Leroy Brown- A crime fighter by day and a musician by night. 

38. OctoWorld- This is an underground futuristic sea world of Fred the octopus and his family of 8.

39. Dog Inspired Lessons with Andy the Mutt Terrier-Possible book to film by Joyce Kostakis. 

40. The Village of Jodicus – A Celtic Warrior seeking answers, vindication and protecting his village of Jodicus½ animated show

41. Planes-Animated film and ½ show of the life of planes. From the filthy rich to the crop duster.

42. Gus the Alligator-Is about the life of Gus the singing alligator and his family in the swamp of Louisiana.

Spring 2023

43. Three Men In A Land of Zombies- (could be a feature film / half an hour weekly show of three friends trying to survive living on a planet full of Zombies.

44. Mr. Beaver and The Toad- This is a weekly show of a beaver and a toad surviving the wilderness by day but when sun down falls provides plenty of entertainment for their wilderness friends.

45. Mr. Simpleton’s Sports Bar & Grill-Friends come and hangout at this restaurant in a small town called Marysville.  

46. King David- The story of King David from the bible

47. Soloman-The story of Soloman from the bible

48. Ruth-The story of Ruth from the bible

Summer 2023

49. A Coat of Many Colors-The story of Joseph from the bible.

50. For The Sake of Love- A journey about 6 women who faces ups and down with their careers and relationships.

51. A Good Man- The story of a single dad who has a difficult time dating because he is a nice guy that keeps meeting the wrong women.

52. Jazzy Lawrence- Drama- The life of a prominent jazz guitarist who struggles with his sexuality and his love for jazz music.

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